In Memoriam




Bob Elliott (1934-2010)

Bob passed away December 7, 2010 - He was in a hospital bed, under hospice care with Alzheimer disease in his own home, and surrounded by family.

For many decades, the Elliotts were at the heart of the New York magic scene. They helped run Tannen's Magic Camp. They booked lecture tours, gave food and shelter to the rising stars of Magic, and never asked for a penny in return. You see, they already had day jobs, Bob working as a Mining Engineer and Happy working as a Stock Broker. Bob was a teacher at the Harry Lorayne Memory School as well as at the "School for Magicians".

Eventually they retired and moved to the West Coast. Their children grew up and prospered. Now the Elliotts live in a beautiful home on a hill, with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. When they relocated to Oceanside, California, they continued their sharing ways.

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John Blake

John became interested in magic in 1972. He started as a stock boy at Tannen’s Magic store, working his way up to becoming one of the owners. His inspiration/mentors were Frank Garcia, Dai Vernon, Johnny Thompson, and Romaine. His first love was Stage Manipulation, but was also well versed in Close-up, Standup, Walk-around, and Magic Consulting. He performed on TV shows, including Good Day New York, the History Channel, the Discovery channel, and the Learning channel. He also performed for celebrities such as, Orson Wells, Mary Tyler Moore, Robert Lansing, Ali, Harvey Keitel, Michael York, Dick Cavet, and former Mayor of New York, David Dinkens.

John was also the owner of the “East Coast Magic” in State College.

John passed away on March 5, 2012. His Broken Wand Ceremony was performed on March 9, 2012.




Bill Harding

Bill was one of the pillars of our club. Always smiling, quick with a joke, and ever ready to regale us with a great story from his days as a roadie for J.N. Hofzinser. Bill passed away this June. He was a wonderful source of inspiration and information for the club. You can read more about Bill here.




Joe Kelly

Joe became interested in magic in 2002. His inspirations are Michael Finney, Jeff Hobson, Paul Kozak, and the late Tommy Cooper. Joe’s flair for comedy led him to create “The Comedy and Magic of Strolling Joe Kelly”. He had been an emcee for a number of Comedy Club Nights, and had opened for many professional comedians from the Pittsburgh/New York area. Joe passed away on August 20, 2015. Joe